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More Than A River
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Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens


On June 19, 2021, the Upper Delaware River Basin Citzens (UDRBC) held its second annual river cleanup. Volunteers gathered at Lander’s Campground in Narrowsburg, NY, on Saturday morning to register.   Each received a “Sweep the Delaware” T-shirt before boarding a bus to be shuttled to Milanville where they procured rafts and headed back downriver to Narrowsburg.  Conditions were perfect with temperatures in the 80s on a clear, slow moving river.  Some “refuse recruits” took to the PA side of the river while others the NY side to scavenge for any garbage that had made its way to the banks or bottom.  Several tires, a car battery, and even cell phones were recovered from their watery grave.

While twenty-two workers were on the river, additional volunteers remained at Narrowsburg to prepare a BBQ for when they returned.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, soda, and salads, donated by Ned Lang of EnviroVentures and President of UDRBC, awaited the hungry travelers upon their arrival back at Lander’s Campground.

At the conclusion of the picnic, a raffle was held with gifts or ... Read More

There IS Light at the End of the Tunnel

The UDRBC was formed to advocate for the rights of property owners across the Upper Delaware River region.  The actions of the Delaware River Basin have infringed upon those rights.  Their actions boil down to an unelected agency attempting to supersede the authority of state legislatures as well as denying property owners the constitutional rights of the benefits of their property ownership, all done without any compensation being provided for the use of property in the Delaware River Basin.

The founders of our nation gave us constitutional law to ensure that every citizen of this country was protected FROM confiscation of property, among other inalienable rights.  We have occasionally taken heat for our support of some Republican candidates and politicians.  Our response to that criticism is that we could find NO CANDIDATES from any of the other parties who have been willing to support our right to benefit from the use of our properties.

With the restrictions levied upon our businesses and our livelihoods by overzealous regulators, many have been overcome with a sense of hopelessness, but now is not the time to give in to our fears and allow those who would exercise even greater control over our lives to succeed. 

After 5 years of ... Read More

RGGI – Another Tax on Top of Your Electric Bill

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), often called a “cap and trade” program, is the first mandatory market-based program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Its effect is the same as a direct tax or fee on emissions because RGGI allowance costs are passed on from electric generators to distribution companies to consumers.

The PA DEP has been ordered by Governor Wolf to develop a plan by Sept 15th to join a regional cap and trade consortium of states.  If the legislature allows this to go through, your electric rates are going to skyrocket.

Consider the current average rates per kWh in PA compared to states already burdened by their participation in the RGGI scam.

  • Rhode Island - 22.7
  • Massachusetts - 22.51
  • New York - 17.27
  • Vermont - 16.73
  • Pennsylvania - 12.53

The CATO report also found increased electric rates in RGGI states. Using the weighted average nominal electricity revenue for multi-state groups, Stevenson found that from 2007 to 2015, electricity prices in RGGI states increased by 64 % more than in the non-RGGI sample states. The review also found RGGI’s mandated allowances added $11 ... Read More

How to Fight the DRBC for Your Mineral Rights!

What do we need to do to secure DRBC approval of gas drilling in our area?

The answer is simple, but hard; we must beat them in court so we can all harvest our gas. We are, in fact, the only ones who can make that happen. If we don’t do it, our gas rights are 100% worthless.

So, how do we do this? The answer is, once again, simple but, in this case, not that hard at all. We need to invest a tiny portion of our currently worthless gas rights (mineral rights below 500 feet) in financing a lawsuit that is already underway. That lawsuit may well cost over $1 million before it is done.

Fortunately, we have an angel investor from the Lehigh Valley who also owns land in Wayne County and is fronting the cost. All we have to do is support his efforts, which we can do by investing 4% of our currently valueless gas rights in continuing his lawsuit. Our return on that investment will, we hope and expect, be to recoup the value of the remaining 96% we own but which the DRBC has stolen.

What this involves is signing an agreement with our angel investor to give him a ... Read More

UDRBC Responds to Representative Wendy Ullman's Op-Ed

On May 29, 2019, Representative Wendy Ullman wrote an opinion piece that pretty much parroted the misleading talking points of the Delaware River Keeper. READ REPRESENTATIVE ULLMAN'S OPINION

We responded to Representative Ullman's article and our response was published on July 5, 2019. READ OUR RESPONSE.

Article V of the BILL OF RIGHTS of the US Constitution clearly defines the rights of property owners, AND the fact that property use issues can only be resolved by DUE PROCESS and that the owners of property taken MUST BE FAIRLY COMPENSATED. Both HB827 and SB305 address the inequity being foisted on property owners in the Upper Delaware River Basin.

Many types of government action infringe on private property rights. Accordingly, the Fifth Amendment's compensation requirement is not limited to government ... Read More

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