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Gov Cuomo Wants Your Social Media Usernames and Passwords

They Just Don't Quit! Governor Cuomo is making another attempt to take our guns with Senate Bill 9191.  Now I know this NY bill  doesn’t affect everyone receiving this email. However, we all have friends and family on both sides of the river, so PLEASE reach out to everyone you know especially NY politicians and raise hell about this atrocious bill and contemptuous act by Cuomo!  At this point even Democratic lawmakers are balking at this bill and are backing away from it so NOW is the time to reach out to them and let them know their political careers are on the line.
Please also post and speak out on all your social media accounts and get active to stop this bill dead in its tracts with such volume that no NY lawmaker will ever support it and possibly push Cuomo out of Albany during the next election!!


View this onerous bill and voice your disapproval.




Print A Comment and send it to your Senators and Assembly Members.

Please Thank Lisa Baker and Jon Fritz

Please contact Senator Lisa Baker and Representative Jon Fritz (links below) to thank them for their efforts to see that the landowners of the DRB are treated with equal justice.  Below are samples of what you may freely copy and paste into their website comment boxes, or feel free to write your own personal letter of thanks. If you prefer to contact them via email, Facebook, phone, or snail mail, you will find those addresses and numbers as well.  They need to hear from each one of us!


Thank you for reintroducing the bill, now SB 305, regarding a \"takings\" of our property rights.  A ban on natural gas development does not allow us the economic benefit from harvesting the minerals we own here in Wayne County.  DEP Secretary McDonnell has gone on record saying that harvesting natural gas is safe.  Governor Wolf has gone on record saying it is safe and even wants pipelines in the other parts of the Commonwealth to move PA natural gas.  There is absolutely no reason for Governor Wolf and the DRBC to deny the landowners in the Delaware River Basin equal justice under the law and the same economic opportunity that the rest of the Commonwealth enjoys.  Again, thank you!


Thank you for standing up for landowner rights.  We support your position as a member of the House Appropriations Committee.  Considering that DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell admitted unreservedly to you that natural gas development is safe, and that Governor Wolf has not only deemed its development to be safe, but has even recognized the need for pipelines in other parts of the Commonwealth to move PA gas, it is a great injustice to the landowners in the DRB to not be allowed to realize the same economic benefit that the rest of the Commonwealth enjoys.  Again, thank you!



Senator Lisa Baker Reintroduces DRBC Takings Bill As SB 305!

Rep. Jon Fritz Goes to Bat in Fight for Landowners Rights

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