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More Than A River

We have much to do to combat the onslaught of regulations, which are proposed by religious environmentalists and ultimately designed to remove our constitutionally guaranteed rights to benefit from the use of our land.

Recently these "environmental" groups delivered a resolution, which requests a permanent ban on natural gas drilling ANYWHERE within the jurisdiction of the DRBC, to the governors of the four states and the Army Corps of Engineers. The resolution included over 60,000 signatures. (Past experience tells us that most of those signatures are not landowners and many even originate overseas!)

We need to become as organized and as active as those who view our rights as insignificant. You can help. UDRBC has written a COUNTER RESOLUTION, which represents the real landowners of the Upper Delaware River Basin. If you haven't signed this resolution at one of our events, please do so NOW. This is time sensitive. Tell your neighbors about our mission and invite them to join with us to protect our future and our land.

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