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More Than A River

What do we need to do to secure DRBC approval of gas drilling in our area?

The answer is simple, but hard; we must beat them in court so we can all harvest our gas. We are, in fact, the only ones who can make that happen. If we don’t do it, our gas rights are 100% worthless.

So, how do we do this? The answer is, once again, simple but, in this case, not that hard at all. We need to invest a tiny portion of our currently worthless gas rights (mineral rights below 500 feet) in financing a lawsuit that is already underway. That lawsuit may well cost over $1 million before it is done.

Fortunately, we have an angel investor from the Lehigh Valley who also owns land in Wayne County and is fronting the cost. All we have to do is support his efforts, which we can do by investing 4% of our currently valueless gas rights in continuing his lawsuit. Our return on that investment will, we hope and expect, be to recoup the value of the remaining 96% we own but which the DRBC has stolen.

What this involves is signing an agreement with our angel investor to give him a mere 4% of our gas rights as an incentive to continue the lawsuit. I have done so, as have the owners of roughly 8,000 acres of other gas rights made useless by the DRBC’s theft of them through delay, deceit, obstruction and plans for a ban. If we can enroll another 8,000-10,000 acres, which isn’t much, I believe we will win.

Are you willing to fight for your gas rights and invest 4% of them to get back the other 96% stolen? If so, contact me. I’m not a party to the lawsuit but I’ve contributed my 4% and have been authorized to draft an agreement for your consideration, assuming you’re willing to help fight for our rights.



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