More Than A River
  • The UDRBC is at the forefront of the effort to defend and honor the private property rights of ALL citizens of the Delaware River Basin.

  • We support and influence industry and government which in turn, brings positive results for our businesses.

  • The UDRBC is the LOCAL citizens advocate to address the issues that impact our Upper Delaware River Basin.

  • We advocate that every citizen of The Upper Delaware River Basin have the freedom to utilize their lands in accordance with the laws of our Country.

  • We are committed to agriculture; by increasing educational opportunities, creating the type of infrastructure needed for revitalizing farming advocating new products to access emerging markets and supporting generational farmers who continue centuries of land management.

  • We are proud of centuries of conservation which has allowed our renewable resources to be used from the dawn of this nation to supplying the needs of this century and beyond.

  • We are focused on sound management and utilization of our natural resources.

  • We support environmentally sound waste management practices and new technologies.

  • If these affirmations align with YOUR core values, then please support the UDRBC as we continue to advocate these issues for thousands of citizens across the Upper Delaware River Basin of Pennsylvania and New York.

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