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Ned Lang - President UDRBC

January 23- March 30, 2018 DRBC HEARINGS


The public debut of the UDRBC at the Wayne County Fair was a great success. Our booth, promoting local resources and all forms of energy, was visited by hundreds of fairgoers

Upper Delaware River Citizens

Life testimonies of the people who live, work and raise families in the Upper Delaware River Basin

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I grew up on a two hundred acre dairy farm in Delaware County, upstate New York. My county is the home of nothing noteworthy other than good land for hunting, logging and farming. It is one of the largest counties in the state but only consists of over-taxed small towns. Living on a farm I started helping out at a young age ... Read More

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I grew up in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania called White Mills. As a young kid, I would regularly pester my parents to take me fishing in the lakes and streams of the Upper Delaware Basin until I reached an age where I could wake up at 4AM and hike out on my own. The amount of money that I must have saved my family through my bountiful catches that this area provided me must have been tremendous. Though I am what you would call a millennial ... Read More

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My life story could be summed up as Caddie Woodlawn born to Ozzie and Harriet. One of four girls, I grew up along Hollister Creek on a small dairy farm. Like Caddie, I was the tomboy of the family and spent much of my youth in the company of the two boys who lived next door. The brook and the woods were our playground, and we roamed every square inch of both. I was an accomplished climber of trees, that is, until my father cut all the low branches on every tree around our house. He must have forgotten about the woods. I still climbed! ... Read More

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The sun is just coming up and the fog is barely discernible in the river valley below me. I'm waiting for the first turkey to fly down from his roost, hopefully gobbling back at my call. I've been practising for the last month on perfecting my mouth diaphragm call. I'm getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. However, the gobblers this morning will either confirm or dispute that claim... ... Read More

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I grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania. I swam and fished in the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers during a time when the area where I lived consisted mostly of corn and alfalfa fields. Route 22 was still under construction and my friends and I would walk over to the new four-lane highway to watch the construction equipment push and load and dump what must have been thousands of tons of ... Read More

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