Promoting responsible stewardship of our natural resources.
More Than A River
Grass roots advocate for the prosperity of our farming community
More Than A River
A voice for the citizens of the Upper Delaware River Basin
More Than A River
Advocates for:
Property ownership rights.
Responsible natural resources use.
Science based environmental protection.

Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens

Almost 11 years ago the Delaware River Basin Commission initiated a moratorium on natural gas drilling across a wide swath of Eastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Instead of developing promised regulations for safe drilling, the DRBC has done nothing for years and has shown their true affiliation with environmental zealots by proposing a permanent ban, a ban based on perceived potential dangers already disproven by the safe completion of over 10,000 natural gas wells in surrounding areas.

The mission creep of the DRBC now threatens the sovereignty of the states associated with the Delaware River Compact. Your property rights hang in the balance. Will you become part of the movement to protect your property rights or give up and let the radical environmentalists roll over you? UDRBC has chosen to fight! The threats to your property rights are real and UDRBC has already been defending those rights by:

  • Providing testimony at critical legislative hearings in Harrisburg and meeting with DEP.
  • Holding two highly successful educational seminars regarding issues affecting the region with a third seminar scheduled for this spring.
  • Giving $4000 in scholarships to deserving students who are pursuing higher education in an agricultural or related field.
  • Helping to restore your mineral rights by supporting the essential lawsuit versus the DRBC.
  • Continuing dialogue with elected officials, the Farm Bureau, and industry.
  • Sponsoring a clean up of a section of the Delaware River from Milanville to Narrowsburg and much, much, more!

Who would not make a $50 per year investment to join an organization that is actually standing up to all activists out there who are a real threat to the property rights of each and every landowner in the Upper Delaware River Basin? If you are not already a member, join with your neighbors and support the fight by becoming a member of UDRBC.



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