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Ned Lang - President UDRBC

January 23- March 30, 2018 DRBC HEARINGS


The public debut of the UDRBC at the Wayne County Fair was a great success. Our booth, promoting local resources and all forms of energy, was visited by hundreds of fairgoers


Pennsylvania Natural Gas Boom Falls In Russian Crosshairs - The Marcellus Shale boom drove America’s natural gas production increase, and Pennsylvania drove the Marcellus boom, according to U.S. Energy Information Agency data. That’s made Pennsylvania a battleground in the same propaganda war Russia waged to influence the 2016 presidential election. Russia depends on its natural gas exports to Europe for cash and clout and has tried to preserve its dominance of that market by sowing discord in U.S.

Fracking company's loss could have impact; PA Superior Court split from previous Texas ruling - A state appeals court decision is likely to influence development and investment decisions made by companies that use hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas. The Superior Court has ruled in favor of a landowner who claimed that a "fracking" company operating on adjacent land engaged in unlawful trespass.....because the gas extracted using fracking, as compared to conventional drilling, cannot move freely in the low permeability of the Marcellus Shale formation. It needs the artificial force of hydraulic fracturing to extract the gas

Frac Gel Available At The Grocery Store - One common misconception of current frac fluids used in shale is that they contain hundreds of chemicals. As a matter of fact, you can take just four grocery store products from Whole Foods and Walgreens and create your own frac gel. A basic crosslinked guar system can be made with water and four simple items: Red Mill Premium Guar Gum – Thickener Milk of Magnesia – High pH buffer Visine Original Eyedrops – Crosslinker Distilled White Vinegar – “Breaker” or low pH buffer

Here's One Global Warming Study Nobody Wants You To See - Settled Science: A new study published in a peer-reviewed journal finds that climate models exaggerate the global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%. If these findings hold true, it's huge news. No wonder the mainstream press is ignoring it. Given that environmentalists want the U.S., along with the rest of the world, to spend trillions of dollars trying to cut down on CO2 emissions — based entirely on doom-and-gloom climate model forecasts — these findings are profoundly important.

23, 2018 Bought and Paid For: Russian Oil Money Flows to US Anti-Fracking Protesters - The Connection Between Russia and 2 Green Groups Fighting Fracking in US New Yorkers who are missing out on the natural gas revolution could be victims of Russian spy operations that fund popular environmental groups, current and former U.S. government officials and experts on Russia worry.

Peer-Reviewed Anti-Fracking Study Retracted Due to Errors - A study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres was retracted in January after an “error in wind measurement” led the writers to overstate methane leakage rates.

Shale gas has saved Pa. consumers a bundle - Residential gas prices have fallen 40 percent in the state since 2007, compared with 34 percent nationwide. And the price of gas for Pennsylvania electric-power producers — the biggest buyers of natural gas — has fallen 79 percent over the decade, driving down electricity prices....

Does Fracking Really Pollute Drinking Water? - Here are two articles and a map. The connection between the three is that our local water provider, Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) has 52 deep wells on its property surrounding Beaver Run Reservoir, the source of our drinking water.

EIA: Wyoming, Texas, and Pennsylvania Rank as The Top Net Energy Suppliers Among States - “EIA recently released State Energy Data System estimates for net energy supply, which provide data on each state’s total primary energy production and consumption. Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Dakota ranked as the top five net suppliers of energy in 2015."

GREENS’ INTENSIFY EFFORTS TO PERMANENTLY BAN FRACKING IN DELAWARE RIVER BASIN - The DRBC is the one place where three Democratic governors can band together and go on the offensive against Trump and the oil and gas industry.......

Fracking a safe route for energy production - Contrary to popular belief, this process has been used in the United States for nearly 70 years. It’s not a new technology; the practice has been tested and refined for decades. Another important point to remember is fracking falls under at least eight different federal regulations, not to mention state and local laws.

EIA: U.S. Refineries Are Running at Record-High Levels - Weekly U.S. refinery runs have exceeded 17 million b/d only 24 times since EIA began publishing the data series in 1990, and all of those instances have occurred since July 2015. Despite record-high inputs, refinery utilization did not reach a new record, because refinery capacity has increased in recent years.

Study Finds Fracking Doesn't Harm Drinking Water - Hydraulic fracturing hasn’t contaminated groundwater in Texas, isn’t an earthquake hazard, and has been a boon for the state’s economy, according to a study released Monday. The new study’s conclusions on drinking water are in line with multiple other studies of hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking.

Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 6/16/2017 - PAPUC Issues Annual Report on Natural Gas Impact Fees - In Appalachia, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission issued its annual report demonstrating that the state collected more than $173 million from impact fees from natural gas producers,

We’re [still] number one! We’re [still] number one!” - According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), “The United States remained the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2016 for the fifth straight year....

Anti-Fracking Elitists: Rural America Should Remain Economically Stagnant - Rural communities are better off with economic stagnation, unemployment and abject poverty rather than the ‘harms’ of abundant jobs and a vibrant economy.

Study found no evidence of groundwater contamination due to hydraulic fracturing. - A recent study of hydraulic fracturing published in Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta found no evidence of groundwater contamination,

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