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Ned Lang - President UDRBC

January 23- March 30, 2018 DRBC HEARINGS


The public debut of the UDRBC at the Wayne County Fair was a great success. Our booth, promoting local resources and all forms of energy, was visited by hundreds of fairgoers

UDRBC Counter Resolution

WHEREAS, we are a group of landowners who live, work, play, and raise families in the Delaware River Basin.

WHEREAS, the landowners, as a whole, are responsible for the quality of land and water that we enjoy each and every day in the Delaware River Basin.

WHEREAS, the landowners of the Delaware River Basin have supported and promoted regulations on the town, county, and state level that reasonably and fairly supported and assured that the quality of the environment we enjoy and cherish is maintained and, in some cases, improved without being overbearing and unconscionable which may cause our culture and livelihoods to become threatened.

WHEREAS, the landowners of the Delaware River Basin are both the stakeholders and gatekeepers of the natural resources in the Delaware River Basin and would not chance the degradation of the natural resources in any way, shape, or form for any personal gain or profit.

WHEREAS, the DRBC imposed an effective moratorium on gas drilling in the Delaware River basin by virtue of decisions made by your Executive Director some eight years ago and on May 5, 2010 meeting you unanimously directed your staff "to develop draft regulations on well pads in the shales for notice and comment rulemaking and postponed the DRBC's consideration of well pad dockets until regulations are adopted." You were presented with draft regulations in September, 2011 and have since refused to vote on them so as to avoid offending special interests.

WHEREAS, the DRBC has had eight very long years to establish a policy on this matter and has utterly failed to the great economic detriment of upper basin landowners and communities with natural gas resources. It is a complete abdication of responsibility and we call upon you to immediately resolve this matter in the manner of your sister agency, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, which has regulated water use connected with drilling, with no adverse impact on water quality and no interference in natural gas development so vital to the regional economy.

WHEREAS, the Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens will not cease our continued objection to the DRBC’s continued and unauthorized intrusion and obstruction of landowner’s rights in the Upper Delaware River Basin.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that: The UDRBC calls upon the Delaware River Basin Commission to open the Basin to responsible gas drilling by absolving themselves from any oversight unless it entails the actual water that flows in the Delaware River as stated in their Compact; and A copy of this resolution be filed with the Delaware River Basin Commission, 25 Cosey Road, PO Box 7360, West Trenton, NJ 08628-0360. We, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree with the resolution as stated.